Meet Liv


Three notes in and it’s obvious that Liv Charette’s voice is something special. Several years ago, that something drove Charette to make the trek from her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, to Nashville to spend time writing and recording in town. After a number of trips back and forth, she decided a move to Music City was inevitable.

Liv Charette headshot.jpg

Charette spent her first several years in Nashville honing her craft, both in and out of the studio.  She performed at writers' rounds around town and played shows in both the US and Canada. She earned a degree from Belmont University and learned the recording process top to bottom.  She picked up her guitar and wrote when and wherever she could.  A stellar writer in her own right, Charette has penned tunes with some of Nashville’s biggest hitmakers as well as a number of up and coming songwriters.  Her debut single “Bones” was released in October 2018 and was followed up by “Lips on the Bottle” in November of 2018 and "Boy Crazy" in February of 2019.


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